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USG is the Ultimate Multi-Purpose / Multi-Surface ALL-IN-ONE cleaner/detailer for your auto, boat, RV, motorcycle, airplane, home, restaurant, or hotel. It is a Carnauba wax based product that cleans, enhances, seals, and protects any surface or material without leaving a streak or smear. Show Glow is great for outdoor surfaces as well as indoor surfaces and applies easily in the heat on a hot surface or in the shade on a cool surface. Is Ultimate Show Glow difficult to apply? - Absolutely not! Mist onto the surface and immediately wipe off with a dry microfiber towel. Although USG is produced with Carnauba wax, the application is unlike any other wax on the market. It will not turn white, leave a haze, gum up, or leave any kind of residue or overspray on the surface or in the cracks and crevices. It can even be applied to cloth or fabric with no white residue.
Mist on and apply to any surface, section-by-section, with a clean, dry microfiber towel. You can apply multiple coats of USG to the surface if desired or needed. USG does not require a curing or set up time. If the surface contains any synthetic product or coating from a previous application, more than 1 coat of Show Glow may be required to remove the other products so that USG may bond to the surface. USG can also be applied using clay bars and clay pads if your surface contains any contaminants, light oxidation, or overspray and you want to clay. Lubricate the surface adequately with Show Glow before using clay.
USG can be used on all painted surfaces (gloss, matte, denim, satin, & flat). It is also great on glass, lexan, eisenglass, fiberglass, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, gelcoat, plastic, vinyl, leather, acrylics, ceramic, granite, wood, marble, rubber, and cloth or fabric. Show Glow will not discolor or damage the surface.
Absolutely! USG is an excellent glass cleaner that is streak free and smear free even when applied in direct sunlight or on a hot surface. We always recommend using a clean dry microfiber towel. When your towel gets damp it’s time to get a fresh one.
Yes! USG will peel the bugs off easily! If bug residue has etched into the surface, the surface will need to be buffed.
USG is both! It can be used as a quick detailer on a semi clean surface to enhance the shine and luster or Show Glow can be used as a dry wash to clean and enhance a soiled surface. When using as a dry wash, especially on painted surfaces, you want to make sure to always use the clean dry side of your microfiber towel.
No. Ultimate Show Glow is a Carnauba wax based product that replaces hard to remove paste waxes. If applied on a regular basis, hard to remove paste waxes and ceramic waxes are generally not required.
Yes. USG creates an invisible protective Carnauba wax barrier on the surface that keeps water from penetrating and causes it to bead up and slide off. From your automobile paint and glass windshield to your granite kitchen countertop, Show Glow cleans, enhances, seals, and protects the surface.
USG will remove water spots from most surfaces if they have not become etched into the surface. It will also assist in preventing future water spots from etching into the surface.
USG can be applied on a hot or cool surface. Application is as easy in the heat as in the shade.
When applied to any surface and wiped in, all scents and fragrances are neutralized making Show Glow odorless. We do not add any artificial fragrances or perfumes during manufacturing. We leave USG in it’s natural state. Any fragrance or odor disappears once Show Glow evaporates on the surface.
Most SUV’s and trucks will take 2.5 - 4oz of Show Glow per application and average sized cars will take 2-3oz. For in-home use the amount of product needed depends on the size of the treated area.
On average, one coat of USG will last approx 3-6 months. The longevity of the product is determined by the weather, car washes, chemicals, soaps, and detergents. Show Glow can be applied as often as wanted or needed. Most of our customers like to apply every couple of weeks to keep their autos, bikes, RV’s, planes, and homes Glowing with the Ultimate Show Glow shine! It goes on easy and comes off easy.
Yes! USG is compatible with ceramic coatings and vinyl wraps.
Yes, USG does not contain alcohol or ammonia and therefore is safe to apply on tinted surfaces!
No! USG is ready to apply to any surface. Our 32oz spray bottles as well as our 1 gallon refills are ready to be used with no dilution necessary. If USG is diluted in any way, your results will not be optimal.
No! Show Glow is designed to leave a protective wax barrier on the surface and can be used as frequently as necessary without leaving a visible build-up.
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Every ounce of Ultimate Show Glow is produced with passion and continues the legacy of our friend and mentor, DT. Show Glow would not be possible without your years of hard work, dedication, generosity, and love for others. Thank you DT! We know you’re watching over us with pride and continue to help guide us in making Ultimate Show Glow a household name! YOU BEAT UM ALL! We love and miss you buddy

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